Small molecules.
Enormous potential.

Our Pipeline

The cancers we’re targeting
make up nearly


of all inpatient
oncology procedures


Our portfolio has the
potential to impact

3 million

procedures annually, across a
variety of surgical approaches

Minimally Invasive

Our Science

On Target Laboratories is the first to utilize small molecule technology to target unique characteristics of cancer cells, providing a clear differentiation between healthy and malignant tissue in the operating room. The benefit of small molecules is that they move through the body quickly. This quick action allows for flexible dosing schedules prior to surgery and minimal impact to workflow in the operating room.

Once our molecules reach their target they are endocytosed and remain inside the cancer cells throughout the length of the procedure.

Each small molecule is attached to a fluorescent dye that “lights up” malignant lesions via a near-infrared imaging system.

Because the imaging system, coupled with our bright dye, operates in the near-infrared spectrum, it optimizes visibility – even in lesions that are below the tissue surface.

Active Clinical Studies

Lung Cancer Phase 3 Study (ELUCIDATE)

This study aims to assess the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of pafolacianine and near-infrared fluorescence imaging at identifying pulmonary nodules within the operating theater (Status: Enrollment Complete).

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Prostate Cancer Phase 1/2a Study

This study is to assess the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of OTL78, a PSMA-targeted fluorescent marker, for the intraoperative imaging of prostate cancer (Status: Enrollment Complete).

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