A brighter future for
those fighting cancer.

Introducing Cytalux

Now FDA-approved.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to illuminate cancer intraoperatively so it can be removed completely.

Our Values


We are confident and empathetic experts in our field, boldly pushing boundaries to advance science, technology, and humanity.


Our end game is helping people fight cancer. From surgeons to patients to the families surrounding them, we are working to improve lives and livelihoods.


Enhancing human skill with cutting edge technology, we believe better outcomes
are possible for patients.


We operate by the highest standards of quality, professionalism, trust and transparency.


We are singularly focused on advancing real-time cancer imaging.



We are responsive and adaptable, built for continuous and efficient evolution.

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On Target Laboratories’ targeted intraoperative molecular imaging agents are being developed to bind to cancerous tissue, helping surgeons to better see lesions in real-time as they operate, enabling the detection of more cancer for removal.

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